New painting ‘Rabbit in the dandelion field’

Hello:) Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I just wanted to show you my new painting ‘Rabbit in the dandelion field’

Rabbit in the dandelion field

When I was at work before Christmas, since the work was not very busy, I was doodling on my post-it note. Then an image of a rabbit in a dandelion field came up to my mind, so I doodled it quickly.

Rabbit in the dandelion field1

Later I decided to paint based on the image I doodled.

On a A4 sized paper I drew the rough outlines, and started painting with watercolours.

Rabbit in the dandelion field2

I used masking fluid to mask out the dandelion seed heads.

Rabbit in the dandelion field3

Waited over night for the masking fluid to dry and then I painted the sky

Rabbit in the dandelion field4

After the paints have dried, I peeled off the masking fluid.

Rabbit in the dandelion field5

I used an old tooth brush with white acrylic paint to paint more dandelion seed heads

Rabbit in the dandelion field6

and here is the finished piece:)

Rabbit in the dandelion field


Happy new year ☆

Happy new year !

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year.

Here are the new necklaces I made in the last couple of weeks..

handmade necklace cat squarehandmade necklace cat roundhandmade necklace polka dot umbrellahandmade necklace cherry blossom

They are available at my etsy shop 

Please take a look 🙂

And here’s a little painting of a kitten and a baby crow I did last week..

black kitten and a baby crow

See you ☆