‘Inventing Impressionism’ exhibition


Today I went to see an exhibition called ‘Inventing Impressionism‘ at National gallery in London.

It was a beautiful exhibition, with many famous paintings by Monet, Renoir and Degas.

If you love impressionism, I highly recommend visiting. Ends this week so if you are in London don’t miss it!

'Inventing Impressionism'


New seascape painting

Hello there:)

I’m back from my holiday in Japan. This year I stayed in one of the Southern islands of Japan called ‘奄美大島 Amami Oshima’, as my parents moved there from Yokohama this year. It’s a very beautiful island with subtropical climate surrounded by the beautiful nature and the sea.
Here are some photos of the island I took..

Tomori beachOshima KaikyoMateriya waterfallMangrove Forestnative sea

When I was looking through the photos, I was inspired to paint the seascape in watercolour.

This beach is called Honohoshi Kaigan, which is famous for the round stones and noises they make when the waves hit.

honohoshihonohishi kaigan


Started painting from the rocks..


Then the sea


Adding the sky and the beach



Added people, more details on the beach to suggest the round stones.

Then splashes of white paints to suggest the waves.

Here is the finished piece:)

Honohoshi Kaigan

New painting ‘Cosmos’

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
My sister who lives in Japan sent me this beautiful photo of cosmos she took a few weeks ago, so I decided to paint based on this photograph:)


Here is what I painted from the photo.

cosmos art

As usual, I will show you the painting process:)

First I wet the paper with water using a big brush and started painting the green with watercolour. I used Winsor&Newton’s 300 gsm watercolour paper.
photo 1

Then I scattered coarse sea salts to give some effects.
photo 2

Started painting flowers while the paper was still wet.

photo 3photo 4

Once it’s dried, I added more details, but not too much as I wanted to leave it slightly abstract and imaginative.

photo 5

Here is the finished work, hope you enjoyed it:)
cosmos art

Watercolour painting ‘ Reflection’


My painting ‘Reflection’ is now available for sale through New Blood Art



Original painting in waterclour, acrylic and collage on watercolour paper.

Width: 30 cm / Height: 21 cm
Subject: abstract
Media: painting,
Recommended for: Sitting/Reception Room,


If you have any question, please contact me:)