New work ‘Starry Night’

Hello:) I’d like to show you my new artwork ‘Starry Night’..It’s a little bit different style from what I usually do.

Starry night by Yumi Kudo.jpg

I saw this beautiful nature photo, and I was inspired to paint something dreamy and unique.


First I started painting the lake.. I used Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks


Adding feels magicalIMG_2398

Adding some silver ink


Using a cotton ball, I took some blue ink from the lake and started painting the sky


Dropping silver and yellow inks to paint the stars



Using pastel, I added some trees


Adding more blue ink to the lake


After that, I added little rabbits and a fox using pencil. Then I cut out a paper to create the shapes of a bird, attached them to threads, and suspended them from the top of the artwork, so that they look like floating/flying.Starry night by Yumi Kudo


It’s a bit different style from what I usually do, but I enjoyed making this..hope you like it too!





Illustrators’ Fair

I was exhibiting at the Illustrators’ Fair organised by House of Illustration yesterday. Big thanks to those who visited my stall and to my boyfriend who helped me throughout the day.


I’ll be doing more fairs next year, so keep an eye on my blog 🙂

Getting ready!

Yesterday I was testing out our display for the Illustrator’s Fair, which I’m exhibiting at next Saturday.

I’ll be displaying my greeting cards, handmade necklaces and original paintings.

cards display.jpg

My necklaces are featured in the organizer House of Illustrations’ Blog here:

I hope you can come:)

When, Where

My christmas cards

HI everyone I hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

I’ve printed more cards including christmas cards for the Illustrator’s fair which I’m attending in December.

I will be selling greeting cards, original paintings and handmade necklaces.

Please come and say hi if you are in London 🙂

Illustrators Fair : 12 Dec 2015, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
2 Granary Square, King’s Cross London N1C 4BH

christmas cards

New painting ‘Rabbit in the dandelion field’

Hello:) Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I just wanted to show you my new painting ‘Rabbit in the dandelion field’

Rabbit in the dandelion field

When I was at work before Christmas, since the work was not very busy, I was doodling on my post-it note. Then an image of a rabbit in a dandelion field came up to my mind, so I doodled it quickly.

Rabbit in the dandelion field1

Later I decided to paint based on the image I doodled.

On a A4 sized paper I drew the rough outlines, and started painting with watercolours.

Rabbit in the dandelion field2

I used masking fluid to mask out the dandelion seed heads.

Rabbit in the dandelion field3

Waited over night for the masking fluid to dry and then I painted the sky

Rabbit in the dandelion field4

After the paints have dried, I peeled off the masking fluid.

Rabbit in the dandelion field5

I used an old tooth brush with white acrylic paint to paint more dandelion seed heads

Rabbit in the dandelion field6

and here is the finished piece:)

Rabbit in the dandelion field