Ceramic jewelries


I was in a ceramic studio in North London on Sartuday to finish painting my ceramic pieces.

Here are the last pieces.

Three larger ones are coasters. Looking forward to seeing them once they are out of the kiln.

Ceramic coasters pendants

In the evening I made myself a bracelet with the charm I’ve made.

Ceramic bracelet

Also I made these necklaces and accessories for my family in Japan as I am visiting them next month!

Whoo hoo!

Ceramic necklacesCeramic key chains

I will upload some photos from Japan next month:)


Ceramic charms

Hello everyone!

Today I went back to a ceramic studio in North London to collect my ceramic charms which have been fired.

What do you think? 🙂

ceramic charms

I quite like these marine motifs, I’m thinking to make a bracelet with these.

marine charms

I still had these charms and coasters to paint, so I spent my Saturday afternoon at the studio again. (It’s a lovely studio though – if you live in North London and want to try out a ceramic painting, I recommend this ceramic studio ‘Ceramic Circle‘ )


And here is what I painted today:)

painted charms

I did not finish painting all the pieces today, so I will go back there again when those pieces I painted today are fired and ready. I’m looking forward to see them:)

ceramics to paint

Ceramic painting

I went to a ceramic studio last month to paint on the ceramic tile. It has been fired in the kiln and here is the outcome.ceramic tile cat

I also made lots of these little charms yesterday. I will paint on them later after they have been fired, and these will become pendant/bracelet charms..! I will keep you updated:)

ceramic charms