Abstract Seascape’Dubrovnik’

I wanted to show you this painting’Dubrovnik’, which I painted after I was inspired by the trip I had in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Beautiful Adria sea and the old town really inspired me. It’s a place I would love to go back again.

Dubrovnik by yumi kduo.jpg

Painting process

I loved this picture I took in Dubrovnik, so I decided to paint based on this photograph, but I wanted to paint in rather abstract way.

old town photo by yumi kudo.jpg

Started drawing using colour pencils.


Painting the sky and the sea using Winsor & Newton drawing inks


Painting roofs in Daler Rowney Fluorescent Red acrylic paint. I like the striking colour



Painting the sea with acrylic paints. I used an ink roller to to give some texture.IMG_2350.JPG

Finished painting is available to purchase at Saatchi Art or Artist&Illustrators

Dubrovnik by yumi kduo


yumi image1







Abstract seascape

Hope everyone had a nice weekend:) It was very sunny and warm here in London yesterday.

Based on the same photograph I shared you yesterday, I painted another picture in acrylic in more abstract way.


Seaside Town Stonehaven

I recently read a book called ‘Painting Realistic Abstracts‘ by Kees van Aalst


and also a book called ‘Abstract Art Painting: Expressions in Mixed Media‘ by Debora Stewart


I found both books inspiring, and they encouraged me to paint more expressively.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 4

Using my fingers to paint clouds and the waves

photo 5

and the finish:)

Seaside Town Stonehaven

You can purchase this original painting from Artfinder

Self Portrait in Acrylic Paint

Hello hope you are having a nice weekend:)

I’m currently working on self-portraits to enter into a competition.

I’ve finished one painting and I wanted to show you.

.finished selfportrait

*Painting Process*

First I did a rough underpainting in pastel

portrait pastel

Then started painting over it using acrylics

portrait2 portrait3

Started using paint rollers to paint more intuitively


Started using bright orange and yellow acrylic paints because I like bright colours and I wanted the painting to look cheerful


and here is the finished piece..! what do you think?

portrait copyportrait leftportrait right

Portrait painting..finished!


I have finally finished this portrait painting ‘Dreaming’


I spent many hours on this painting layering colours over and over and changing background many times.

I will show you how I painted this:)

in my previous blog I showed you up to this image


I didn’t like the two square frames in the background, so I decided to replace one of the frames with this Japanese mask I found in the model’s room.

japanese mask


I wanted to leave some brush strokes so I started using a flat brush not worrying too much about details


I still didn’t like the background.. I think there’s too much going on. So I finally decided not to put anything on the wall.FullSizeRender[3]

and here’s the finished work!


Work in progress..

Hello! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

I’m currently working on a portrait and here is the sneak peak 🙂

Portrait acrylic painting

I’ll show you the process so far:) I used acrylics for this painting.

I started painting directly on the canvas board without a preparatory drawing.


Added more details…


Added details in backgrounds.. The model was also an artist and had many of his drawings framed and put up on the wall in his house, so I decided to include them in my painting.

imageimagePortrait acrylic painting

Thanks for reading!

I’ll keep you updated with the progress:)