New painting ‘Cosmos’

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.
My sister who lives in Japan sent me this beautiful photo of cosmos she took a few weeks ago, so I decided to paint based on this photograph:)


Here is what I painted from the photo.

cosmos art

As usual, I will show you the painting process:)

First I wet the paper with water using a big brush and started painting the green with watercolour. I used Winsor&Newton’s 300 gsm watercolour paper.
photo 1

Then I scattered coarse sea salts to give some effects.
photo 2

Started painting flowers while the paper was still wet.

photo 3photo 4

Once it’s dried, I added more details, but not too much as I wanted to leave it slightly abstract and imaginative.

photo 5

Here is the finished work, hope you enjoyed it:)
cosmos art