The Secret Art Prize

My painting ‘Wild Peacock’ has been shortlisted for People’s Choice Award in the Secret Art Prize, run by Curious Duke Gallery.

Would be wonderful if you can vote for my painting at

Wild Peacock


Watercolour painting of a cat I met in Croatia

Hello! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

I recently painted this portrait of a cat I saw in Croatia.

cat in croatia

It was a friendly cat and I took a photograph of her relaxing on the street.


Based on the photograph, I started painting…

First I did the underdrawing in pencil, and then I started painting shadows in dark blue watercolour.

photo 1

Painting tabby patterns with orange watercolour

photo 2

Painting dark patterns in dark brown

photo 3photo 4

Adding some lights with yellow waterclour

photo 1

Adding some accent/texture with orange pastel


Finished work…:)

cat in croatia

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This is my new painting ‘Dolphins’. I love watching and painting dolphins, they make me feel free and relaxed.


Painting process:

I wet the paper with water first and painted the main dolphin roughly


After I painted the background, I sprinkled some salt to give some texture/effect.


After I finished painting the dolphins, I splashed some blue paints to add some energy and movement to the painting.



dolphins artfinder

You can purchase this original painting from Artfinder