Self-portrait ‘The Artist in Green Summer Dress’

I had been working on my self-portrait to enter into a self-portrait painting competition for the last few weeks.

I finally finished the painting on Monday.

The artist in green summer dress_yumikudo

What do you think?

I’ll show you the painting process.

First I did an underdrawing. I’m using a Winsor & Newton Artist’s Watercolour 300gsm Cold Pressed paper

rough pencil

Putting colours in watercolour. Shadows and darkest areas first


Putting more colours in

IMG_1805 IMG_1808

Started painting the background


Adding textures with pastel

portrait pastel

Adding highlights with white pastel

portrait closeupIMG_1071

Here is the finished painting ‘The Artist in Green Summer Dress’The artist in green summer dress_yumikudo


Self Portrait in Acrylic Paint

Hello hope you are having a nice weekend:)

I’m currently working on self-portraits to enter into a competition.

I’ve finished one painting and I wanted to show you.

.finished selfportrait

*Painting Process*

First I did a rough underpainting in pastel

portrait pastel

Then started painting over it using acrylics

portrait2 portrait3

Started using paint rollers to paint more intuitively


Started using bright orange and yellow acrylic paints because I like bright colours and I wanted the painting to look cheerful


and here is the finished piece..! what do you think?

portrait copyportrait leftportrait right