New painting ‘Koi in the pond’

Hello everyone:) Today is Mothering Sunday here in the UK. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers 🙂

I wanted to show you my new painting ‘Koi in the pond’, which I had been working on last week.

koi in the pond

I will show you the painting process.. hope you’ll enjoy:)
I used a photo which I took in OKinawa, Japan in 2013 as a reference.


Using watercolours, started painting koi fish and putting colours of the pond.

IMG_0914IMG_0915  IMG_0916work in progress

Adding more details..

work in progress3

Closeup of the koi


The background looked a little bit plain, so I decided to add some waterlilies and leaves on the pond to make it look more interesting, and also to give some depth in the colours. I used white acrylic to paint the waterlilies.


And here is the finished painting:)

koi in the pond


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