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I have updated my portfolio page on Artists & Illustrators’ website today, so if you have time, please take a look:)

View of Windermerecelebration


Ceramic painting

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

I spent my afternoon painting on these pieces at a ceramic studio today. I did not finish painting all of them, so I will need to go back there soon. Finished pieces will be baked in the kiln and will be ready when I go back. I will keep you updated:)

ceramic charms 10150675_572088609558630_6140088060842986806_n

iphone6, iphone6 Plus phone cases


Have you got a new iphone6/iphone6 Plus?

If you have, and haven’t bought a case yet, why don’t you get yourself an arty phone case? My iphone6 cases are available at

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It would make a fancy gift too:)

iphone6 phone cases

iphone6 lying catiphone6 swan

Trip to Vienna

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I was in Vienna from Friday to Sunday to see Klimt’s paintings and to explore the city. First I visited Leopold museum in the Museum Quarter to see his paintings including ‘Death and Life’ and ‘On Lake Attersea’ The museum had great collections of Gustav Klimt’s and Egon Schiele’s works.

klimton lake attersee

On Saturday I went to Belvedere Palace to see Klimt’s one of the most famous painting ‘Kiss’ The palace was amazing, and I loved the room which was displaying Klimt’s famous paintings.


On Sunday I went to Secession Museum which displays the 34 meter-long painting ‘Beethoven Frieze’ painted by Klimt. Secession was a new art association founded by Gustav Klimt and a number of other artists in 1896 to break away from the main establishment of Viennese artists.

secession secession2 secession3

Vienna was a beautiful city with lots of museums, magnificent cathedrals and a lovely river view of Danube (Donau). If you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth visiting 🙂


Ceramic painting

I went to a ceramic studio last month to paint on the ceramic tile. It has been fired in the kiln and here is the outcome.ceramic tile cat

I also made lots of these little charms yesterday. I will paint on them later after they have been fired, and these will become pendant/bracelet charms..! I will keep you updated:)

ceramic charms