New Painting ‘Geisha Lady’

Hooray! I finished this new painting of a geisha lady this weekend:)
Hope everyone had a nice weekend:)

geisha lady

I have been experimenting with some mixedmedia techniques, and with this, I used watercolour, acrylics and
monoprinting methods.

First, I painted some patterns which I was inspired by butterflies, and then drew the lady in pencil.

photo 2

Then I painted the lady in watercolour.

photo 3 photo 4

I used monoprint techniques to create the background. First I painted some patterns in acrylics on a glass, then I flipped the glass and pressed it on the artwork to transfer the image.

photo 1 photo 2

Finally, I painted more details in acrylics and added some texture with white acrylic paint over the background area.


Hope you enjoyed it:)





Happy Friday:)

I attended a ceramic painting session this evening. This tile will be fired and ready in 10 days. Looking forward to seeing the result! I’m planning to make pendants and bracelet charms next:) Happy Friday everyone!


Watercolour painting ‘ Reflection’


My painting ‘Reflection’ is now available for sale through New Blood Art


Original painting in waterclour, acrylic and collage on watercolour paper.

Width: 30 cm / Height: 21 cm
Subject: abstract
Media: painting,
Recommended for: Sitting/Reception Room,


If you have any question, please contact me:)